Our Place

Seating capacity: 150 pax

Surround yourself with large wall paintings and warmly-lit interiors that exude casual dining elegance for your special occasions.

Main Dining: 80 pax
Private Rooms Combined: 20 pax
Alfresco: 50 pax

Seating capacity: 145 pax

Warm lighting, wooden tables and chairs, and interiors that blend modern and traditional design bring you and your loved ones a uniquely Filipino dining experience.

Main Dining: 92 pax
Alfresco: 53 pax

Seating capacity: 178 pax

Experience Sentro at its most modern at Sentro Capitol Commons, which blends stylish interiors and unique lighting to provide a delightfully festive ambience.

Main Dining: 80 pax
2nd Floor Dining: 30 pax
Private Rooms Combined: 28 pax
Alfresco: 40 people
Seating capacity: 80 pax

Relax with your loved ones surrounded by watercolor paintings and leather-bound books in Café 1771’s plush, welcoming European-inspired interiors.

Main Dining: 25 pax
Private Rooms Combined: 55 pax