About Us

The story begins at 1771 Adriatico Street.

For the diner new to the 1771 Group, a common question is, “What does 1771 stand for?” 1771 is not just a number, but central to the story, for it commemorates the street address where the original Chateau had its humble beginnings as a French bistro in the heart of Manila.

1771 Adriatico Street saw our flagship restaurant, Chateau 1771, innovate to bring the best of French, Italian, Swiss, and Asian cuisine to young Filipinos, before becoming known for its innovative “no borders cuisine”.

Over the years, Chateau 1771 relocated not once but twice—first, from old Manila to El Pueblo Real de Manila in Ortigas, in 1995. After 12 years, Chateau 1771 once again moved, but this time to the brightly-lit ground floor of Greenbelt 5 in Makati.

Though the 1771 Group has undergone some changes, its mission has always been the same: to create nourishing relationships through delightful and memorable dining experiences. In line with this mission, 1771 Catering strives to bring the unique flavors of Sentro, the fun and adventurous spirit of Cafe, as well as the delectable innovations of Chateau to every gathering and occasion.

With its creative spirit and its promise of giving excellent service and hospitality, the 1771 Group adheres to the highest standards in giving you quality dining elegance at every event.